Midjourney Max Resolution: Unlock Potential of Images 2023

Midjourney Max Resolution

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Images with Midjourney Max Resolution. Learn how Midjourney’s high-resolution capabilities and upscale commands can enhance your creations.

Discover the best practices, tools, and alternative options for achieving the maximum image size. Get the perfect resolution for your digital content, merchandise designs, and printed signage.

Upgrade your image quality with Midjourney Max Resolution today.

Can Midjourney Produce High-Resolution Images?

Midjourney, the innovative AI-powered image generation platform, is indeed capable of producing high-resolution images for various applications.

The Midjourney max resolution, although not reaching the 4K mark, is sufficient for most projects involving digital content creation, merchandise designs, or printed signage.

While there are limitations for certain types of printed materials that require higher resolutions for optimal readability and smooth edges, Midjourney still excels in generating initial images to work with.

What is the Midjourney Max Resolution?

The current Midjourney version produces images with a maximum resolution of 2048×2048 for square images and 2720×1530 for widescreen images using the beta upscale redo feature.

Model VersionStarting GridV4 Default UpscalerDetail UpscaleLight UpscaleBeta UpscaleAnime Upscale
–test / –testp512×5122048×20481024×1024

By default, the latest version generates images at a resolution of 1024×1024. It’s important to note that this resolution is subject to improvement over time as the Midjourney team refines their processes and gains access to more powerful computing resources.

What Resolution Does Midjourney Use?

When starting a generation in Midjourney, the default grid size is 1024×1024 for square images and 1456×816 for widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio images. However, you can utilize the upscale commands to increase the resolution and achieve better results.

How to Maximize Midjourney Image Resolution

Upscale Commands in Midjourney Discord

Within Midjourney Discord, you’ll find a grid displaying the generated images. Beneath each grid, you’ll see four buttons labeled U1, U2, U3, and U4. These buttons correspond to different images in a clockwise manner, starting with the top left image.

Midjourney upscale options in Discord

To maximize the resolution of your Midjourney image, you can click on the appropriate upscale button associated with the desired image. For example, clicking on U2 will upscale the top right image, while clicking on U3 will upscale the bottom left image.

Additional Upscaling Options

Apart from the built-in upscale commands, Midjourney also offers additional options to enhance the resolution of your images. By adding specific commands to your Midjourney prompt in Discord, you can further maximize the resolution. Here are some notable upscale options:

Midjourney max resolution upscale options

  • Beta Upscaler (Recommended): This option upscales your image to 2048×2048 without adding additional details. It is the optimal choice for achieving the maximum Midjourney image size.
  • Detailed Upscaler: With this option, Midjourney upscales the image to a maximum resolution of 1664×1664. It adds additional details to your image, filling in the extra space. However, note that this option may alter the appearance of your initial image.
  • Light Upscaler: This option is available in older versions of Midjourney and upscales the image to 1024×1024. It adds a moderate amount of details while preserving the original look of the image.
  • Anime Upscaler: Specifically designed for images using the -niji model, this option upscales images to 1024×1024. It is trained to work best with anime and illustration styles.
  • Remaster: By choosing this option, you can regenerate the upscaled image by blending the original generation with a newer test model version. Keep in mind that this may significantly alter the appearance of the original image.

Alternate Tools for Upscaling Midjourney Images

While Midjourney provides built-in upscaling options, there are other tools available to further enhance the resolution of your AI-generated images. Here are a couple of notable choices:

  • Gigapixel by Topaz Labs: Considered one of the top recommendations for upscaling Midjourney generations, Gigapixel AI can increase the image resolution by up to 600%. This powerful tool is suitable for most use cases, except for high-end professional graphic design. It comes with a one-time cost of $99 and offers a free trial version.
  • HitPaw Photo Enhancer: Offering a more affordable option, HitPaw Photo Enhancer costs $17.99 and also provides a trial version. Users have found this tool to be easier to use compared to Gigapixel, making it an excellent choice for enhancing Midjourney images.
  • Upscayl: If you prefer free options, Upscayl is an open-source project compatible with Windows and MacOS. It serves as a viable alternative for upscaling Midjourney images without any cost.


Midjourney is a versatile AI image generation platform capable of producing high-resolution images for various applications. While the current max resolution is not at the 4K level, it is sufficient for most projects.

The default resolution for Midjourney images is 1024×1024, but you can use upscale commands in Midjourney Discord to increase the resolution. Additionally, there are alternative upscaling tools like Gigapixel and HitPaw Photo Enhancer that further enhance the resolution of your Midjourney images.

By utilizing the capabilities of Midjourney Max Resolution and exploring other upscaling options, you can take your image creations to the next level, whether it’s for digital projects or printed materials.

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