BlockGPT: The ‘Chat to Earn’ AI Service 2023 [Updates]

BlockGPT has introduced the ‘chat to earn’ AI service, combining AI and blockchain to revolutionize chatbot interactions and reward users. Let’s explore this exciting development.

Launch and Blockchain Ecosystem

BlockGPT launched its ‘chat to earn’ AI service and a blockchain ecosystem on May 11. This decentralized, token-governed chatbot aims to offer a unique user experience.

The Concept of ‘Chat to Earn’

Users will be able to earn nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and token rewards through chat sessions with the AI model as part of BlockGPT’s “chat to earn” service. This creative strategy not only encourages user interaction but also gives the experience a gamification component. With the ability to compensate users for their interactions, the process has become more profitable and pleasant.

Tokens and PancakeSwap

BlockGPT introduced two tokens, BGPT (governance) and AIBGPT (meme), built on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. These tokens provide incentives and rewards for user engagement.

The BlockGPT AI Model

  • Multiple GPT Models
    BlockGPT utilizes multiple generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) models to enhance the AI’s accuracy and depth of responses.

  • Training and Dataset
    The AI model was trained on a vast dataset of blockchain-related information, enabling it to comprehensively answer blockchain-related queries.

  • Blockchain Expertise
    BlockGPT’s AI model specializes in blockchain technology, ensuring accurate and insightful responses.

  • On-Chain AI Inference and Synapse Engine
    BlockGPT enables developers to enable on-chain AI inference through its AI Inference Engine and leverages the Synapse engine to build DApps and smart contracts.

  • The Competitive Landscape
    BlockGPT enters a competitive landscape with various AI chatbot offerings and the rising popularity of memecoins and tokens.


BlockGPT’s ‘chat to earn’ AI service brings together AI and blockchain, offering an engaging user experience and rewarding interactions. The company’s focus on blockchain expertise sets it apart in this evolving landscape.

How does BlockGPT’s ‘chat to earn’ AI service work?

BlockGPT’s ‘chat to earn’ AI service allows users to chat with the AI model and earn rewards like nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and token prizes based on their interactions.

What are the tokens introduced by BlockGPT?

BlockGPT introduced two tokens: BGPT (governance) and AIBGPT (meme).

How many GPT models does BlockGPT use?

BlockGPT utilizes multiple GPT models, although the exact number is not specified.

How does BlockGPT leverage blockchain technology in its AI services?

BlockGPT leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized ecosystem and introduce tokens for user engagement and rewards.

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