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AI Best Song Generator 2023: Step by Step Guide (May)

An AI song generator is a collection of tools or applications that enable users to create songs either partially or entirely using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. While there is currently no one-click app available to generate a complete song with lyrics and vocals, AI song generators offer various capabilities to assist in the songwriting and music production process.

The world of music has witnessed remarkable advancements with the integration of artificial intelligence. AI song generators have revolutionized the way songs are created, allowing individuals with limited musical knowledge or vocal abilities to compose their own music. These tools offer a range of features, including instrumental generation, lyric composition, and vocal synthesis. In this article, we will delve into the process of generating an AI song, exploring the components involved and the tools available for each stage.

How to Generate an AI Song

To generate an AI song, three main elements need to be considered: instrumentals/beat, lyrics, and vocals. By leveraging AI tools for each of these components, users can create high-quality tracks in a relatively short period of time. The choice of AI tools depends on the genre and specific requirements of the song.

Instrumental AI Generator

The instrumental or beat is the foundation of any song. The first step in creating a new song is to generate the instrumental based on the desired genre. Different AI tools cater to various genres and offer a range of features for instrumental generation.

AI Lyrics Generator Once the instrumental is generated, the next step is to focus on the lyrics of the song. AI lyrics generators can be used to assist in the creative process by generating text-based lyrics. One popular tool for this purpose is ChatGPT, which utilizes natural language processing techniques to generate coherent and contextually relevant lyrics. Users can input prompts or incorporate lyrics from their favorite songs to inspire the AI-generated lyrics.

AI Song Generator for Singer Vocals

To complete the song, vocals are required. AI tools can assist in this aspect by either isolating vocals from existing songs or generating new vocals using AI voice changer tools. There are several options available for this purpose:

SoftVC VITS Singing Voice Conversion: For technically inclined users with powerful graphics cards, SoftVC VITS provides a real-time AI voice conversion tool. It allows users to convert their own voice or any acapella recording into the style of famous singers or rappers

AI Vocals from Famous Artists

In recent years, AI models have advanced to the point where they can convert spoken words or acapella recordings into the voices of famous singers or rappers. This technology opens up possibilities for creating unique versions of songs by combining vocals from different artists. Open source models and tutorials are available to guide users through the process of creating AI vocals resembling famous artists.

Putting It All Together

Once the instrumental, lyrics, and vocals are generated, the final step is to combine them to create a complete AI-generated song. This process does not require AI and can be accomplished using various audio editing tools. Some popular options include:


AI song generators have revolutionized the music creation process by enabling individuals without extensive musical knowledge or vocal abilities to compose their own songs. Through the use of AI tools for generating instrumentals, lyrics, and vocals, users can create high-quality tracks in various genres. While there are limitations to the current capabilities of AI song generators, the technology continues to evolve, offering exciting possibilities for musicians and songwriters.

Can AI song generators replace human musicians and songwriters?

AI song generators are powerful tools that can assist in the songwriting and music creation process. However, they cannot entirely replace human musicians and songwriters. The creative aspects of music, such as emotion, originality, and personal expression, are still best achieved through human involvement.

Are AI-generated songs considered original compositions?

AI-generated songs can be considered original compositions as they are created using unique combinations of melodies, beats, and lyrics. However, it’s important to note that the underlying algorithms and models used by AI song generators may have been trained on existing music data, which can influence the generated results.

Can AI song generators create songs in specific genres or styles?

Yes, AI song generators can create songs in specific genres or styles. By training the AI models with specific musical inputs and using genre-specific datasets, it is possible to generate songs that align with a particular musical style or genre.

Are there copyright implications when using AI-generated music?

Copyright implications can arise when using AI-generated music. It’s crucial to understand the licensing terms and usage rights associated with the AI tools and datasets used for generating the music. Some AI platforms may provide licenses for commercial use, while others may require additional permissions or clearance for certain applications.

What are the limitations of AI song generators?

AI song generators have some limitations. They may struggle with producing lyrics that convey deep emotions or nuanced storytelling. The generated vocals may not always match the quality and expressiveness of human singers. Additionally, AI song generators require extensive training on diverse datasets to enhance their capabilities, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

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